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Any Products Coated With Poisons?

Our products are made with extremely exacting standards and the utmost care is taken in producing them. Everything we sell is just as nature intended; organically grown or wildcrafted, without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides that could lessen germination rates of seeds, and alter the preservation of the plants in their pure state. Any extracts are made from organic grain alcohol or distilled water under strictly controlled conditions. Plant identification is done by seasoned professionals, and any plant material is purchased only from suppliers who have been in business for a number of years.
That being said, we do not sell many items on our site for human consumption, and you must consider many of the items on our website are poisonous. The items we do not sell for human consumption are clearly marked as such and if you state that you have consumed, plan to consume, or witnessed someone consume a poisonous non-consumable, you will be breaking our Terms & Conditions. We do not sell to any customer who we suspect might ingest substances clearly marked as non-consumable or poisonous on our website.

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