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Are All Your Products Legal?

We wouldn’t be in business for long if we sold any products that weren’t legal! In fact, we go out of our way to ensure that we are conducting ourselves and our business within the strict letter of the law. We have a legal team that constantly advises us on what products we can offer, and how we can offer them. We are a fully registered and licensed business in the state of Illinois, and have some of the strictest policies we have seen in comparison to any of our competitors, but we have been around longer than anyone else, and have seen many companies fall because they did not respect the law.

All of our products can be legally shipped through the mail system as well, except for a few products such as Kava and P. Viridis seeds, which are illegal in Canada, and Salvia, which is quickly becomig illegal in many states and countries around the world. We, of course, will not ship any products that are illegal in your state or country to you, so please don’t bother asking us to do such a thing.

If there are products that are not for consumption and we even think that you might consume them, we will not sell them to you. We even maintain an internal “Blacklist” of customers who had to be banned from ordering from us becuase they refused to follow the Terms & Conditions that we have on every page of our website, as well as the form that must be “Digitially Signed” when making any purchase from us. Some have walked away angry becuase they felt unfairly treated by our strict policies, but it is in our and your best interest to deny sales and service to anyone whom we feel will not abide by and honor our Terms & Conditions

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