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Are Seeds Treated or Untreated?

As we state in the product descition itself; “Today, the Heavenly Blues Ipomoea tricolor are the most widely sought of the Morning Glory, and they are grown as a climbing vine with beautiful flowers. These are untreated morning glory seeds, organically grown and harvested.”

This goes for ALL varieties of both our Morning Glory seeds as well as our Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBWR) seeds. And actually, NONE of our seeds are treated at all, and this includes all of our seeds, whether they are viable seeds or not. Chemically treating the seeds can lower germination rates, and can even be dangerous to handle, so none of our seeds never are.

We sometimes get asked about our Prickly Poppy seeds as well. Prickly Poppy seeds are not known to be toxic, and historically, some extracts were made from the seeds, because it is thought that the seeds can be a concentrated source of active alkaloids. Prickly Poppy is very different from the typical kinds of poppy that people use to make illegal drugs from as well; Prickly Poppy is perfectly legal and known to be a safe herbal supplement, whether using any part of the plant, including the seeds, unlike poppy plants that are used to make the dangerous drug heroin.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of all our seeds, and want to maximize germination rates, so we wouldn’t ever offer them any way other than how Mother Nature intended them to be.

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