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Are You Guys Just Another Scam Site?

We understand your skepticism, and never quite know how to answer that question.  We’re a fully licensed ethnobotanical company in Illinois, and have been here serving our customers since 1998. Since then we’ve had well over 350,000 customers (and counting), with countless coming back for repeat purchases, and many becoming long-time customers that we’ve gotten to know personally.
We’ve got a lot to live up to as the leading ethnobotanical shop on the web, so we constantly srtive to offer superior products at guaranteed low prices, unparalled customer service (including same day shipping), live agents at the other end of the phone, quicker e-mail turnaround than any other company, as well as LiveChat and this Interactive Answer Center to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

Actually, we are constantly expanding our product line and researching new products, and have introduced over 20 new products that were previously unknown since 1998 as well, such as the
Shaman Rattle Root
Three Lotus Paste
Furthermore, you are not just buying a product from us; we also donate to various causes on your behalf:


We also offer our
Customer Appreciation Program
, which gives our loyal customers a permanent 10% off at the shop after just a few orders, but we also have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well.  You can find a number of comments on our link at
and look around on various forums as well; we work hard to please every single one of our treasured customers, and our reputation on the web proves just that.

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