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Can I Cancel or Change My Order?

We can do many things at the shop, but unfortunately one of the things we can’t do is change an order once it’s placed. BUT, it’s not too difficult to fix the problem:

Simply call us, e-mail us, or contact us on Live Chat and tell us that you would like to change your order (having the order number handy really helps as well), and we can make it into exactly what you want. What we typically do is VOID your present order, and simply start over with the order. Shaman’s Garden makes this REALLY easy by the “One-Click Reorder” feature, but it’s a simple process on both websites.
If you decide AFTER an item ships that you want to cancel and/or change your order, simply refuse the package when it arrives or write “REFUSED – RETURN” on the unopened package. That way, it will ship back to us at no cost. Once your order arrives back to us, we will automatically ask you what you would like to do with the order.

If you’ve already placed a “replacement” order, then we can issue a refund, no questions asked. It’s a Top Priority to make the ordering process as easy for you as possible, even when there was a change of mind or even if you want to modify, cancel, or change your order.

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