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Can I Change My Order?

We can do many things here, and have quite a flexible system and shopping cart, but unfortunately, one of the few things we can’t do is change or add onto an order once it has been placed, other than changing something like the Shipping Address. But don’t fret; there are a couple of relatively easy options for you, as long as the order has not yet shipped:

1. You can cancel your present order and simply place a new one if you wish, with whatever changes you need to make. We will simply void your first order the moment you call to let us know at 312-455-8271 or e-mail at sales at shamansgarden dot com.

2. You can place a new order for just the items you want, request that it be combined with the previous order, and ask for a shipping refund. As long as it is done quickly enough, we will then combine the 2 orders, and refund the shipping for the second order.

Hope this doesn’t seem too complicated; we try to do everything we can for our customers. Please include your full name and order number(s) in all correspondence.

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