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Can I Extract Blue Lotus With Alcohol?

Both Blue Lotus as well as other herbal products such as Prickly Poppy were often extracted into alcohol. Blue Lotus was extracted into wine by the Egyptians (See The Lotus Shop for more information), because Blue Lotus extracts into both alcohol and water, as does Prickly Poppy.

The question also often arises about whether or not extracting herbal products like these would have their active components destroyed by extracting them into pure alcohol, ethanol, or grain alcohol. The answer is a simple; “No.” What may happen is that not all of the alkaloids won’t be extracted from the plant, though. Since the ancient Egyptians exrtacted Blue Lily into wine, both the alcohol as well as the water in the wine were most-likely responsible for extracting all of the alkaloids that are responsible for the pleasurable effects of Blue Lotus / Blue Lily.

But that’s part of the joy of working with various herbal products, as they’re open to experimentation. Empower yourself, and experiment with different extractions and blends and find what works best for you.

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