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Do Ghana HBWR seeds contain LSA?

Since we sell our seeds strictly for growing in one’s garden, to admire their beauty and to have the energy of a plant rich in Shamanic tradition and ritual close to you, we would have no idea whether or not they contain LSA. This is especially true since LSA is a “Schedule III” substance in the USA, and is illegal in most other parts of the world if extracted or consumed.

They are FAR less expensive than all of our other varieties of HBWR, and part of this is because of how few germinate. Cheap seeds equals poor quality, and this is exactly why we offer several varieties to choose from. We also have seen several other shops selling Hawaiian Baby Woodrose from Ghana, calling them prized Hawaiian Baby Woodrose from Hawaii. But, the seeds look QUITE different, and this is another reason why we offer several varieties; to educate and empower you, our treasured customer.

These seeds are, as we clearly state, offered as botanical specimens or to grow in one’s personal Shamanic Garden.

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