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Do you accept Visa or M/C Gift Cards?

We do not accept MasterCard. We can usually accept any gift card that has the Visa logo on it, BUT: Although they do work most times, there are times that the credit card gateway rejects them. When they are rejected, most times it’s because there’s no way for the automated system to match a billing address for the gift card, because most times, there isn’t one.

The only possible way around this is to call us during normal business hours and let us know you’re using a Gift Card. We can sometimes manually run the transaction, but that isn’t always successful either. We aren’t the ones who decide if a card will go through, and if you’re having difficulty, we run the card through the exact same process you do, and will typically get the same result.

We have no control over the banks who issue them, and sometimes our credit card processor approves them, and sometimes they don’t. If they’re issued in your name, make sure you enter the information exactly as it is on the card, and if there’s no name on the card, simply write “GIFT CARD” as the name of the person on the card.

Also, please know that it’s not us rejecting your card; it’s the gateway. So, even though you are certain you have cash left on the card, there’s nothing more we can do if the card comes up as declined in our system. Gift Cards are one of the most temperamental payment methods available.

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