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Do You Allow Anyone to Use Your Images?

This is a very good question. Most of the the information on our website is original, as are a great number of the product photos that appear. This makes it a easy task to see when others try to use our photos and/or product descritptions; especially with Copyscape; a web-based service that scours the internet for copyright violations for us, alerting us whenever it finds anyone using our descriptions without authorization.

We also appreciate when kind folks let us know that others are using our name, likeness, descriptions, or images. But, we do have a large number of wholesale customers as well as affiliates, who all have authorization to use our product descriptions and images for their businesses. One example we get asked a lot about is an eBay seller by the name of “sacredsupply” who is using our images and product descriptions. They are one of our many afiliates, and have our full support and authorization to use our images.

Anyone interested in becoming a wholesaler or an affiliate can simply contact us and ask for more details.

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