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Do You Have User Art Galleries?

Glad you asked, and the answer is a resounding YES!

We’re working on a complete “User Area” for art and music, and the Visionary Outsider Art Gallery is already up and running, with many artists already applying for space. We’ve got PayPal built-in as well, so if you’re interested in selling your art, we take no commissions, and don’t even get involved in any transactions or sale of your art.

Simply follow the instructions on the above link to apply for your own gallery space. We respond to requests quickly and usually get your gallery online within 1-2 weeks. It’s easier than you think, and the online Gallery will soon be linked to the Dapple & Stone Gallery that caters to artists who get art approved for our Gallery.

We’re excited to see so many great artists applying already,and hope to expand this section into something far more than it is already, tying it into our desire to distribute Independent Music as well as work it in with our $5,000.00 IAmShaman Earth Grant offered through EarthGrants.org. It’s becuase of our customers that we’re here, so we are constantly trying to find ways to give back to the entheogen and ethnobotanical community, so thanks for asking, and feel free to apply!

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