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Do You Offer Wholesale Accounts?

We are sorry, but we are not offering any more wholesale accounts at this time. We are overwhelmed with orders from our retails customers, and are finding ourselves short of products. Since we rely on farmers and Mother Nature for our catalog of products, we are also at the mercy of how many of these products we have to offer.

We will keep your request on file, and when we can begin to wholesale again, we will alert you, to see if you are still interested.

Our program, when operational, is as follows: We offer a 30%-40% Wholesale Discount across the shop in the form of a Personalized Coupon Code. All we need is your company info, contact information, and either your Tax ID, or your reseller number, and we will set up an account for you. Then, the discount code will be created for you, and you can simply enter it into the “Coupons” section of the Shopping Cart whenever you order. We do not have a separate wholesale catalog; our website is our catalog because we are constantly researching and adding new items every week.

We can offer you bulk product, or most prepackaged of the product comes with “Gaia’s Delights, Inc.” on it as the manufacturer. Gaia’s Delights, Inc is a supplier and does not sell retail.

We also have our highly popular Affiliates Program which pays 20% Commission right away, and offers a 25% Commission for our best sellers. You can find info about that here:


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