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Do You Sell “Legal Highs” or Drug Alternatives?

We provide information only about traditional uses of our consumable herbs. If these products are ingested or consumed as a tea, they are herbal food products and/or dietary substances. If you choose to smoke these herbs, please be advised that you do so at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation, even natural herbs, may be harmful. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these herbs have been taken from information available to the public on the Internet and may not be substantiated by scientific evidence.

None of the herbs we offer are intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, legal or otherwise, and are certainly not intended to be “legal highs”, “marijuana alternatives”, or any other tag anyone wishes to try to attach to them.

In short, our products are not illegal street drugs nor are they intended to be alternatives to illegal street drugs. They are not intended to mimic any of the above and are enjoyed for their OWN unique properties. They are not sold as marijuana alternatives, legal highs, legal marijuana, legal marijuana alternative or herbal highs, and not labeled as such for that reason. Please do not ask us about what herbal products, legal or illegal, that these might replace or mimic; it puts us at risk, and it puts yourself at risk. We are a 100% legal business and will continue to remain 100% legal.

Any requests with any reference, direct or indirect, to any substances that are illegal, will be immediately discarded, and you will then be placed on our blacklist and prevented from ordering anything from our website.

That being said, we do not sell many items on our site for human consumption, and you must consider many of the items on our website are poisonous. The items we do not sell for human consumption are clearly marked as such and if you state that you have consumed, plan to consume, or witnessed someone consume a poisonous non-consumable, you will be breaking our Terms & Conditions. We do not sell to any customer who we suspect might ingest substances clearly marked as non-consumable or poisonous on our website. Also, please don’t ask us about traditional use of any of our products; we cannot answer such questions either, partly because we don’t claim that any of our historical information as factual, and do not want to inadvertently mislead anyone in any way with inaccurate information.

Lastly, none of these products are promoted to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

Thank you for understanding and complying.

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