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Do You Sell to Minors?

We do everything in our power to prevent minors from getting any of our products. We have notices all over the website stating that we prosecute underage attempts on every page of the site. Customers also have to digitally sign an agreement when they use the cart system, or it won’t let the order proceed, where the customer states that they are over 18, and aware they are committing a crime and opening themselves to prosecution for fraud if they lie about their age.

We also rarely fill orders that have a different “ship to” name; kids often steal their parent’s credit cards and try to send the products to themselves. We also use a website called Intelius to view the ages of people in any household across the country if an order looks suspicious in any way.

We have had 2 successful prosecutions, but parents have sole discretion at filing charges against their kids. We are happy to assist in any way we can in prosecuting cases of fraud, whether it is a minor or not.

Solely from a business perspective, although it’s not illegal to sell anything we offer to minors, we are ethically opposed to selling to anyone but responsible adults, and always operate within the strict parameters set up by our lawyers. We also do NOT, in any way, sell any products that are intended to be legal substitutes for any illegal products whatsoever. Any reference, either direct or indirect to any illegal activity, substances, or products by a customer or potential customer, are immediately discarded, the person is placed on an internal blacklist that is held by us and our legal team, and they are prevented from ordering from us ever again.

On the other hand, we do strongly believe that consenting adults should have access to any of the products we offer; they are safe, they have been used safely for thousands of years. Things like Kava Kava can be an alternative to people drinking alcohol, and alcohol, as we all know, kills hundreds of thousands each and every year. The alcohol, pharmaceutical, and tobacco industry lobbies have effectively led us to believe that natural alternatives such as Kanna and Kava Kava are evil, for the sole purpose of protecting their multiple billions of dollars in yearly profits. The products we offer have harmed no one, but the above industries combined; they kill over 1,000,000 people per year. The number one abused substance in this country among teenagers is prescription medication, number two is tobacco, and number three is alcohol.

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