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Do You Wholesale?

We not only take great pride in all of our products, many of our products are grown on small farms, either through contracts with farmers in emerging nations, with various indigenous tribes, or on our Private Reserve farms scattered throghout the world. That, combined with our massive returning customer base that continues to grow, we barely have enough product to supply our retail customers with.

We also pride ourselves on having higher quality products at extremely reasonable prices, as well as a number of products that no one else has to offer. When this is combined with our dedicated Customer Service Team as well as outr 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there is little time left to work with wholesale accounts.

At the moment, only one of our suppliers offers wholesale accounts. They are Kona Kava Farm, and they have an entire line of Kava products that are better than any others we have ever found (the reason we buy their products and no one else’s when it comes to Kava). We may change our mind sometime in the future, but I don’t foresee that happening. Most of our products are crafted in smal batches and with great care, and some of the others such as some of our incense in our Incense Shop, we offer just above cost, as a thank you to our treasured customers.

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