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Has My Cash/Money Order Arrived Yet?

We know it’s easy to get anxious when sending out money to strangers in the mail, but we ship cash and money order orders out the same day we receive them. Cash, Money Orders, and Checks must be in US dollars or we will return them to you. Then, if you used the cart system and got an order number, you will get a notice that we received your payment the moment we receive it. If you didn’t use our electronic order placement system, but included an e-mail address, we will generate an order number and send you an e-mail alerting you that we have received your payment and are packing your order. You will receive another one once it ships as well.

Express then takes 1-2 days to reach you, and Priority takes about 2-4 days.

Payments via snail mail have sometimes taken up to 2 weeks to reach us, but understand that we check our PO Box 2 times a week, and that we have absolutely nothing to do with the way the Post Office operates or functions.

But, if you are curious if your cash reached us, simply use whatever tracking information you sent it with…Delivery Confirmation, Certified Letter, Registered Mail, etc. When you buy any of those options as we suggest elsewhere in the FAQ, it eliminates ANY wondering about where your money is, when or if it got to us, and so on. We haven’t deposited a Money Order without sending out an order as of this writing since we are very strict with our records here, but mistakes can happen on rare occasion.

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