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How Do I Know How Much Kratom to Buy?

Working with any herbal products that do not have specific FDA guidelines accompanying them, are open to personal experimentation and research. We sometimes offer reported and traditional uses of plants, but all of the information we have regarding such topics is on our website, and on the product descriptions themselves. Since the only products we sell for consumption are clearly marked as such, we do not offer any consumption advice on products that are specifically not for consumption, such as Kratom, Amanitas, and Salvia.

So, a question about “how much to buy” is really the same as asking how much Nag Champa you should buy or how many ounces of tea you should buy. We could never answer that question for you, only you know how much of any particular product you use is.

To find a clearer answer on that topic, click the below link:
Where Can I Find More Product Information?

The internet is a vast resource, and answers to your questions can almost always be found online, at various sites that research and discuss such topics such as The Kratom Shop and Entheology.  We can only answer so much here at the shop, so please do your research before asking us or writing us anything.

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