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How Do You Take the Kava Paste?

Kavalactone Paste is one of our favorite products becuase if its versatility. It mixes great with just about anything, such as protein drinks or smoothies. It mixes especially well with any kind of tropical fruits such as pineapple and coconut. But, that’s just one use for the Kavalactone Paste; it’s often used on it’s own. Simply eat 2 or 3 pea-sized amounts right out of the jar for an instant experience (and instant tongue numbing!), or mix it with your kava root extract for some extra “kick” every once in a while.

As with most herbal products such as this one, it’s really open to your imagination and personal experimentation. There’s no “wrong” way to take it; just find an amount that works for you, and work it into whatever food or drink you like.
We buy all of our Kava Kava products from Kona Kava Farm. They have all organic growing and offer a massive, and easily navigated database of questions related to Kava Root. They even have a blog authored by the owner of Kona Kava Farm called “Makaira’s Blog” as well.

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