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How Much Blue Lily/Lotus Per Dose?

This is a question we get asked so often, but the answer is always the same; it’s up to personal preference and experimentation. Every human body is different in so many ways, and each one also reacts differently to different herbal products as well. Some people put a single teaspoon of Blue Lotus / Blue Lily dried flowers into a tea and report great results. Some put an entire half of an ounce and feel absolutely nothing.

And this is the same for all of our consumable products in general. With our resins, some people dry and powder it, sprinkling little bits in their favorite smoking blends for an extra “kick” or as a potentiator, and others smoke the resin on its own for its own effects. But, even with this, some customers try just a few “crumbs” and like the effects, where some smoke and entire gram of any particular resin and say that they feel nothing from it.

So, what we always say is this: Start small and work your way up. If you want to add your Blue Lotus 25:1 to wine, try 1/8th of the package, which would be 1/8th of a gram. If that doesn’t work for you, then try 1/4th of the package, which would be 1/4 of a gram. If for some strange reason THAT doesn’t work for you, then try 1/2 of a gram, which would be 1/2 of the 1 gram package, with 1/8th of it left for a different experiment…say, as an additive to a smoking blend.

This probably isn’t the answer that most are hoping for, but it’s the most honest and realistic answer we can offer.

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