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How to Find State Shipping Laws?

It’s not easy to offer any specifics on how to find your state laws for shipping and interstate shipping of products. We have a legal team who is dedicated to making sure that we don’t ship anything we’re not supposed to ship to anyone we’re not supposed to ship it to. But, ultimately, it’s up to you, the consumer, to know your state laws.

A good place to look is the internet. Simply type in the name of your state, and add “.gov” on to the end of it, and chances are you’ll find your state government’s website. Then, look for section named “State Agencies”. There you will find most numbers you need such as “Agriculture, Department of” for shipping herbal products, or “Commerce Commission” who is in charge of anything realted to transportation, and so on. The internet is a VAST resource for these kinds of things.

Also, we have built-in software that prevents customers from ordering things that are not legal in their state or country. For example, if someone from Canada tries to order Syrian Rue, they will get a message stating that they must remove that product form their cart in order to continue. Or, since Louisiana passed a sweeping law making even Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedies illegal, we automatically block any orders coming from LA.

This system isn’t failsafe though, and the responsibility is on your shoulders to make sure you’re not breaking the law or violating any state or city ordinances.

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