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How to Grow HBWR Seeds?

All of the information we have regarding this is already on our website, although we can help point you to a few articles this might be helpful. First, is from the HBWR section at IAmShaman Shop, in an article called ” Cultivating Morning Glory Seeds“. This article applies to all seeds in the Morning Glory Family, which also includes Hawaiian Baby Woodrose as well.

Next, Shaman’s Garden has a section devoted to HBWR as well. It’s simply called ” Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds“, since it’s the section that speaks about and describes the various types of HBWR seeds offered. If you want more information, Entheology.org is a comprehensive resource for sacred botanicals and entheogens, and we found an article there called ” Argyreia nervosa – Hawaiian Baby Woodrose” that explains many apsects about this plant, including cultivation and growing of this amazng plant with such a rich history.

That’s the best we have for you. If you find more research in sprouting Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, let us know, and we will post that information in this FAQ as well.

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