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I Didn’t Get My Full Order!

This is perhaps the #1 frustration that we actually share with our customers! With over 2,500 products (as of this writing) and hundreds of orders per day, we do our absolute best to make sure that every single product we offer is in stock and in your package.

But, admittedly, there are a few occasions where we don’t fulfil your expectations. For that, we both apologize in advance and assure you that regardless of the issue, you are completely covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We’re still that same group of friends and spiritual explorers trying to give you, our treasured customer, the experience we wished we had when we were researching entheogens, exotic botanicals, and any of our Shaman needs online…but it can sometimes be difficult to be as accurate as we wish.

The FIRST thing to do, though is to relax, and simply contact us via phone, e-mail, or Live Chat. We will then do whatever it takes to get you satisfied with the solution to your issue. That typically consists of us immediately sending out whatever missing item that wasn’t included in your package. But what’s most important to remember, is that we never forget that we are here FOR you and BECAUSE of you, and although we sometimes make mistakes, we always have the absolute best of intent with everything we do.

So, just talk with us and will we make any wrongs, right, guaranteed!

Further explanation for those interested: With the kinds of products we are constantly researching and fighting hard to bring you; they don’t typically have handy UPC codes on them, and usually come from indigenous family farms that have been around for many generations. The farms we contract DIRECTLY with rely on Mother Nature, and our imports from many of these exotic locales rely on the Federal Government. (See our “Conservation & Worthy Causes” article for more) to get though and then to you.

So, since we are a fully licensed exotic botanical company that does everything by the book, it protects privacy unlike ANY other vendor we’ve ever encountered for the types of products we offer! So, with that, sometimes comes delays and paperwork on the products we both grow on our Private Reserve farms, as well as the products we bring in from a number of indigenous emerging nation farms.

This is why we post “EXPECTED” dates when something is out of stock; we are at the mercy of Customs more often than not, but we always get our products through and to you. And this is also why we sometimes miss notating a product with the fact that it’s out of stock at the moment.

So, what is ask from you is a little trust: Instead of being focused on teh “Almighty Dollar” as so many vendors we have researched are, we’re here because we beleive in our mission to spread the word of so many rare and sacred exotic botanicals as far and wise as possible, as well as helping, in some small way, to help indigenous cultures to keep their land (see our “Peruvian Cooperative” article for that), while working to find more products that no one else offers, with a higher quality, at a more reasonable price and with better customer service than anyone else offers.

In short, we beleive in you, we believe in what we do, and if you ever have any issue with us whatsoever, simply just let us know, as kindly as you can. I personally promise that you won’t be disappointed in the solution we mutually arrive at. In fact, for anyone who has made it this far, I offer my personal e-mail address for any issues that might arise; i am Bodhi; shamanelf at iamshaman dot com. I’m here to help, no matter what the issue, and I want you to be happy with your experience with us.

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