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The “Out of Stock” Date Changed! – Why?

Because we work with many small farms and indigenous groups, things don’t run like clockwork as many people in the United States are accustomed to. Many of the people we get our products from rely on the sun rising and setting to determine their days, and it can be difficult to nail down a specific schedule with them. But we do our best and keep you as informed as possible.

We also do not have any control over the Federal Government or its agencies such as the Customs Department, and since most of the products we carry are imported from farms throughout the world, we are at the whim of Customs and can only guesstimate when we will actually have some of our products in stock. Sometimes products pass right through Customs, sometimes they decide to send something off to the lab, and sometimes things just get held up or lost.

SO: If you see an expected arrival date now or in the future and do not think that you could deal with any kind of additional delay, then simply do not order until you see that the product is actually back in stock. Then it saves you from getting angry at us for not having your product or changing the estimated arrival date, it saves us having to write an e-mail back pointing you to this FAQ.

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