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There’s Sand In My Kratom! – Why?

Our Premium Kratom comes from large trees that grow naturally in a tropical forest. The forest floor is not what one would expect; instead of being typical dirt and mud, it is unusually sandy soil, as is most of the Amazon Rainforest. When we harvest our plants, leaves and ailing branches are cut by climbers in the trees, who take great care not to hurt the trees in any way (pruning actually helps the plant flourish), letting the leaves fall to the forest floor in the process. The leaves are then picked up by a second team, where they are collected, cleaned, and then shade-dried in large areas to preserve the leaf, it’s alkaloids, and it’s rich color in the best way possible. Harvests can be as big as several hundred pounds of leaf in a day.

So, despite our best efforts to ensure that the leaf is completely free of this sandy, natural grainy material from the forest floor, there may still be flecks of it in your Kratom leaf. Also, since the material is often made of quartz-like material, the sand is often appears clear or glasslike, but rest-assured, it’s NOT glass, and it is not harmful in any way.

Either way, if, for any reason you are unhappy with your leaf, or you find an unacceptably large amount of this sandy material in your package, fear not; you are, of course, covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Simply follow the “Return” instructions found elsewhere on the site and in the “Related FAQ” found by clicking the link below, and we will be happy to issue you an exchange or a refund, no questions asked.

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