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What About Your Kava Kava?

This is from Kona Kava Farm’s article on
Kava Kava Product Overview

Please read through this entire FAQ; it answers almost every question we’ve ever been asked about Kava.

We offer Kava Kava in several different forms. In terms of strength and potency, lowest to highest strength or potency would be:

Powdered Root
Kava Chai
Instant Kava Mix
Kava Concentrate
30% Kavalactone Capsules
84% Kavalactone Paste
84% Kavalactone SoftGels
84% Kavalovetone Capsules

We have had such a variety of requests about the form of our Kava…some want it powdered, some want it rough cut, some want it tea cut, and some want it somewhere in the middle. So, we have finally decided to simply offer our Kava as a medium grind…no large root pieces, and not powder. We tried different cuts, and realized that there is no way to please everyone, so we decided to go with the form that receives the least amount of complaints.

Our Kava is the exact same Kava that we have been receiving for years; it is the grind of the Kava that makes each batch look different. As Kava gets finer, it gets darker, so less finely ground Kava will be lighter. If you notice a difference in potency between orders, we don’t know what to offer you; we enjoy the Kava we grow for ourselves, as do all of our friends, and have never noticed a difference in strength from our very first harvest until now…and we are fussy about our Kava. We also consistently have it sent off to test for potency, and it has never varied by more than 10%. Kavalactone, as long as it is kept dry and away from temperatures about 120 degrees, will not lose its potency.

Powdered Root/Kava Chai: A usual serving is 2-4 tablespoons, placed in a blender with your favorite liquid (such as coconut water, papaya juice, chocolate milk, chocolate soy milk, pineapple juice, etc.) for 5-10 minutes. You then strain out the kava root and drink the liquid. It’s the same with the Kava Chai. Each tablespoon has about 25mg of Kavalactone. Each tablespoon will contain about 20mg of kavalactones. Full details in our recipe section on our site.

Instant Kava Mix/Kava Concentrate: 2 teaspoons is recommended, also mixed in your favorite liquid. Each teaspoon contains about 20mg of kavalactones. For these products, there is no straining necessary.

30% Kavalactone: Each capsule contains 20mg of Kavalactone per 300mg vegan capsule. The The FDA recommends taking no more than TWO capsules per serving, no more than 4 times a day.

70% Kavalactone: Use your imagination. 2 pea-sized amounts is a single serving. Some eat it as a paste, some mix it with their favorite liquid, and some add it to their powdered root or Kava Chai. It’s really up to you. There are about 50 pea-sized servings per ounce.

84% Kavalactone LiquiGels: Each LiquiGel contains 42mg of Kavalactone per 300mg LiquiGel and they are alcohol free. The The FDA recommends taking no more than ONE capsule per serving, no more than 4 times a day. The FDA is usually extremely conservative on their recommendations.

84% Kavalovetone Capsules: Each capsule contains a patened blend of kavalactones and other natural herbs that combine to accentuate the effects of kavalactone. These have presently replaced our 84% Kavalactone Liquigels, and have proven to be a customer favorite, preferred by 3 out of 4 customers.

Extracting: We always use a blender and then use either cheesecloth or a muslin bag to strain our Kava Kava. The longer you blend, and the more you squeeze the liquid out of the root after it has been in the blender for 5-10 minutes, the stronger your drink will be. There is no way to estimate the kavalactone content other than by personal experimentation. The more your mouth gets numb, the more kavalactone. Our recipes on our site all refer to the Powdered Root as well. Only the Powdered Root and the Kava Chai needs to be strained; all other products dissolve completely in most liquids.

Safety: Please remember that the only time Kava Kava has been shown to be poisonous or cause liver damage is when the leaves and stems are consumed. This is why we use ROOTS ONLY in ALL of our Kava Kava products. There is no medical evidence whatsoever linking Kava Kava root consumption with disease of any kind, and the roots have been enjoyed for thousands of years by countless people around the world without incident.

Shipping: We used ship Kava Kava everywhere in the world EXCEPT Canada and Germany. The ban on Kava has even been lifted both Canada and Germany, as long as the Kava is purchased for individual consumption. So, do we ship Kava Kava to Canada and/or Germany? YES!

IMPORTANT: Never heat your Kava Kava; the active part of Kava Kava is destroyed at only 140 degrees Fahrenheit!

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