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What Are Uses of Blue Lotus Absolute Oil?

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is mostly used as a transdermal psychoactive additive to massage oils, or as an oil to be warmed in an Oil Burner for aromatherapy purposes. The active alkaloids can soak through the skin, providing a “multi-sensory” massage for the body and the mind on several levels.

As an incense, though, we feel that it’s extremely potent, and have several interesting stories of people who simply inhale the vapors of this oil over the course of about 15-30 minutes, and speak about how it can transport your spiritual-self into places of sheer joy and expansion. A small dab can be placed under the nostrils or some wear the small via as a necklace with the top opened.

If you want to add Blue Lily or Blue Lotus to wine, we suggest the 25:1 powdered extract instead. It mixes much better; absolute oil, as you might expect is just that; oil, and we all know oil and water don’t mix.

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