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What Gives? – Are You Guys IAmShaman?

We’re still that same group of friends dedicated to spreading the word of the plants we adore, doing our best to bring you the best entheogens, extracts, and exotic botanicals we can, as well as all the necessary supplies any modern-day spiritual explorer or Shaman needs. We’ve listened carefully to your requests through the years at IAmShaman, and have worked hard to create an online shopping experience that will exceed your expectations. It’s been built by us from the ground up, assuring you the tightest security of any online vender, period.

Here at Shaman’s Garden, we’ve got User Accounts, Wish Lists, Top Seller Lists, Product Ratings, and more, as well as instant notification of order status, and much better fraud detection, which helps to keep our prices low. Customers have always been our top priority, and we will always believe that it’s our customer service that has made us the top vender on the web. So, when you asked for a cart with more features, better product descriptions, better interlinking to more information, Shaman’s Garden was the result.

We’re still tweaking it and upgrading it according to the requests from our customers, so the experience here is always evolving. So, not only will it be a superior website to any other of its kind, it will be an interactive experience that you as a customer get to shape along with us.

So, sorry to disappoint the naysayers, but we’re not a “scam site” or a “ripoff of IAmShaman” in any way, and we’re not trying to “rebrand” or find ways of tricking our customers in any way whatsoever. This new shopping experience is here because of our desire to give you the experience you want with the products and the quality you’ve come to expect.

Our most recent addition is our completely interactive Answer Center, which is another aspect of this website that is shaped by you. Customers can rate articles, make comments on them, and submit questions that we will then answer and add to the growing database of answers to any and every question you may have.

Hope this helps; I’m always here to answer your questions as I always have been. SImply write me; Bodhi, at shamanelf at shamansgarden dot com, or Submit your Comments through the online form.

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