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What Herbs Traditionally Induce OBE’s?

This is subject we are deeply passionate about, and as a result, we’ve got an entire section of our website and shop devoted to that very topic. First, we’ve got the shop section called “Dreaming Herbs” that details every herb that, in our research, have been utilized by traditional Shamans, Witch Doctors (not the Hollywood version that people usually think of), Mazatecs, and Mayans for dream induction, the enhancement of dream recall, or to aid in the induction of out-of-body experiences (OBE’s).

Secondly, we’ve got a section of our website devoted to anyone wishing to share their OBE’s with anyone else. It’s found in our “Entheogen Reports | Salvia Experiences” section of the website, which, as of this writing, is going through a complete overhaul to keep up with the large number of submissions we’ve received. Feel free to share your experiences as well as comment on others’ experiences as well. We hope that this section as well as many others will continue to grow and offer insightful reports of the spiritual explorations of everyone who encounters our website.

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