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Where Are Your Products Produced?

Wow; a great question, but a VERY complex answer!

In short, our products are literally produced all over the world.  The products we grow ourselves are grown on our Private Reserve Farms in various places throughout the world.  (You can read about our “
Private Reserve
” on
Shaman’s Garden
.)  For many of our South American products such as Maca, Caapi, and many others, we have a team of approximately 2,900 indigenous Peruvians who now grow crops for us on their land in the Peruvian Amazon, as they continue to buy up tracts that their families have lived on for thousands of years, but the government is trying to sell from under them.  (You can read about our
Peruvian Cooperative
Shaman’s Garden
as well.)

For the products we manufacture ourselves, we have our FDA-approved facility in Chicago that crafts our blends, our capsules, and many of our different incenses.  For the products we buy from other venders such as
Kona Kava Farm
, we buy all of our products from them pre-packaged, and we are EXTREMELY particular about ANY supplier purchase from.  Because of that, we’re also very proud of our
Fair Trade Practices
in relation to any and all of the products we produce, manufacture, or buy throughout the world (whenever possible), ensuring that the people who supply us with the products so many have come to rely on, that they are compensated fairly.
As far as individual herbs; we contract with small farms all over the world.  In keeping with our mission (which we started way back in 1999) to spread the word about as many of these sacred plants as possible, while helping out in some small way when we can, we couldn’t imagine doing business any other way.  You can read all about that on Shaman’s Garden, which is simply our new bigger and better cart, with meticulous attention to detail, as well as our expanded descriptions of who we are and why we do what we do.  It’s on the “
About Us
” page that describes some of the projects we’re working on, including sourcing as many of our more than 2,000 products from as many different places on this planet as possible. 
Whew…I bet you didn’t expect an answer like this, but I hope this helps! – We’re proud of what we do here at IAmShaman Shop and Shaman’s Garden, and I like when I get a chance to explain the things we believe so deeply in, including trying to answer the difficult question of where our products are produced.

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