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Where Can I Find More Product Information?

All of the product information we have is already on our website. If you click on product images, it will bring up a expanded “Detail” page, which will offer more in-depth information about the product you are looking at. Our internal search engine is quite efficient, and even typing in words like “relaxing” will bring up any of the products we offer that are typically used for their relaxing qualities, and so on.

Other than that, there are numerous websites on the internet, including sites like:


and countless others that can offer ranges of information from hearsay to solid research and facts. You simply need to take many of the information sites offer with a grain of salt; many sensationalize products to make a profit, offering misleading or outright false information just to get you to buy whatever it is they are selling.

We are constantly researching the products we carry, and will only carry products that we personally believe in. Know that when you purchase from us, you are buying only the best products we can find from around the globe, you are buying carefully researched products with genuine use in Shamanic Traditions around the world, whether it’s our popular 3 Lotus Paste, our exclusive Shaman Rattle Root, or even our Kratom products, much of which is grown on our Private Reserve in India.

That being said, we do not sell many items on our site for human consumption, and you must consider many of the items on our website are poisonous. The items we do not sell for human consumption are clearly marked as such and if you state that you have consumed, plan to consume, or witnessed someone consume a poisonous non-consumable, you will be breaking our Terms & Conditions. We do not sell to any customer who we suspect might ingest substances clearly marked as non-consumable or poisonous on our website.

Also, please don’t ask us about traditional use of any of our products; we cannot answer such questions either, partly because we don’t claim that any of our historical information as factual, and do not want to inadvertently mislead anyone in any way with inaccurate information. We are also not doctors, and could never offer advice on any of our herbal products, especially when it comes to how or if they interact with any other product, edible or inedible.

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