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Why Are You Guys So Cheap?

I started this shop a number of years ago because I was in the exact same position that you were. There were many plants I was interested in learning more about, but only had a few choices on the internet to choose from. Prices were super high, orders cost a ton to ship, they took two weeks or more to get to me, and there was no human I could speak with about my order. I decided to start a place that would have everything I wanted from a botanical shop, so the IAmShaman Shop was born, which later led to our new cart here at Shaman’s Garden.

Now, this place has grown more than I ever imagined, and our constant commitment to low prices, high quality, wide variety, same day shipping, unmatched customer support, and the constant quest to find more products than any other shop for less than anyone else, is why I think this has happened. We are passionate about what we do, and truly do our best to not only craft and import the highest quality products we can, but we also offer personalized service no matter how busy it gets around here, while still shipping orders out the same day.

Products like our Three Lotus paste is actually made my Tibetan Monks using an ancient blend of herbs and flowers. Our “Private Reserve” line of products comes from our own farms in Hawaii, India, and the United States, ensuring that you’re buying top quality plants direct from the farm. Many of our products come directly from the growers in emerging nations, working hard to prect their homelands from destruction.

You are not just buying a product from us. You’re buying into a vision of a better world:


We’re even “safe than sorry” when it comes to the products we choose to carry:


Finally, we offer our Customer Appreciation Program, which gives our loyal customers a permanent 10% off at the shop, and also offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I believe all of these things need to be taken into consideration when making purchases, and I think that is why we remain one of the top vendors on the web. Read all about it HERE.

Thanks for asking, and I wish you much joy in your explorations.

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