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Why Aren’t You Selling Salvia Anymore?

We couldn’t sell Salvia divinorum because an extremely unjustified and rash law in Illinois and many other states across the United States has made it a Schedule I Drug.  This means it has high
potential for abuse (although EVERY study done on Salvia has proven the opposite), no medical potential whatsoever (although every study has ALSO shown the exact opposite), and is highly addictive (although
Salvia divinorum is shown to be an anti-addictive).
BUT, this was only a temporary setback for the community:  We have a highly-respected website at
dot com has opened in California as a separate business from
Shaman’s Garden
.  This means that you can, once again,
purchase our world-renown Salvia divinorum legally and with
complete confidence once again.  We’ve simply moved operations to California where we are fighting to keep Salvia legal forever, and are now making the Salvia  divinorum that made us famous in our small, hand-crafted batches again.
It’s the same people crafting it with the same leaf, and the same exacting quality that our treasured customers have come to rely upon since 1999.  We will always be here working hard for our customers, and this is yet another step we felt necessary in order to help preserve our personal freedom to explore our own religion as was guaranteed by the United States government.
You can read more in the other Answer Center articles below, or you can visit our

Bodhi Blog

which discusses this travesty in relation to Illinois.  Several other states have proposals and/or bills to make Salvia illegal or, as they are trying to do in California, restrict the sales of this remarkably safe herb to adults 18 and over.
Yes, Salvia has shown to have killed absolutely no one, and dangerous drugs like tobacco and alcohol kill literally hundreds of thousands of people a year, but they’re still perfectly legal for adults to purchase, although minors get their hands on them
So, buy Salvia divinorum from our website at
dot com, and enjoy our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, including our “no questions asked” returns as well.

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