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Why Can’t I Choose PayPal on Checkout?

We’re sorry, but PayPal has been systematically closing any venders’ accounts that sell anything that they do not approve of. They have suspended our account for two reasons:

1. We are selling “unapproved herbal products” even though every single one of the products we offer is completely legal. They are only targeting websites that offer ethnobotanicals; not the countless sites selling prescription medications like fake Viagra, or people selling rocket launchers, munitions, and knives meant for one purpose; to kill other humans (take a look!).

2. They have also implemented a strict new “Patriot Act Privacy Policy” which gives them the right to seize any and all customer lists and product sales receipts from any company that uses them whenever they wish, but we refused to sign the new privacy policy. Our customers security is of the utmost concern to us, and there is no way we would ever compromise that to try to secure a few extra dollars in sales.

So, we can’t support a company that practices this kind of discrimination, so we will see what happens. They even threaten to sue any company if that company puts any derogatory words about them on their websites; a violation of our freedom of speech. This is why we still offer the option on the website; it allows us to alert customers of their practices via this e-mail.

So, we apologize for the inconvenience, and we still accept all major credit cards, cash (US dollars or Euros), and money orders (US dollars only). We are also looking into www.stormpay.com and www.moneybookers.com as an alternative to PayPal. Once our account is set up, we will alert our customers.

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