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Can I Fix An Incorrect Shipping Address?

The easiest way to do this is to send an us an e-mail requesting the change or give us a call during our normal business hours, which are 10:00AM – 4:00PM, CST, Monday – Saturday. You have to do it the moment you realize there’s an error, though, because we ship all orders placed before 3:00PM, CST on the SAME DAY. This almost always works out great, but every once in a while, a package gets shipped that a customer wanted or needed to change and we apologize in advance if that happens.

Fear not, though; if you can’t catch the error before we ship your package, if it’s a simple address error (we actually copy and paste address fields to prevent any errors on our part), you can use your Tracking/Delivery Confirmation Number and alert FedEx that you need to change the Delivery Address of the package. You can attempt to alert the USPS as well, but they will generally not not be able to update an address while the package is in transit.

If, you can’t stop the package on time, you can hope that it returns to us, upon which we will contact you for a correct address.
Also, if you get a package that you wanted to cancel or change, you can take your UN-opened package and write “REFUSED – RETURN” on the package, and send it back to us at no charge. When it returns to us, we will automatically contact you to see what you would like to do.

At Shaman’s Garden, you can ensure that your package will go to the correct address by simply updating your account with the correct address for your NEXT order, or adding an additional address to your Address Book. At IAmShaman there are no user accounts (to make purchases even more anonymous and secure), so the only thing you can do is contact us with the needed change.

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