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Do You Ship to the UK (Britian/United Kingdom)?

We ship to virtually every location worldwide, and on a regular basis. There are a few exceptions, such as Mexico, since we can’t seem to successfully ship a package there, Australia, since they allow almost no botanicals or seeds into their country, and a few places where 99% of the orders are fraud (such as orders placed in or shipping to Nigeria).

If we don’t happen ship to a particular location, our shopping cart either automatically alerts you, tells you which item in your cart needs to be removed before you can proceed with your order, or it prevents you from ordering altogether. It’s not a perfect system though, and it’s of course completely up to the individual customer to know any applicable laws in their state, country, or province.

There is MUCH more information regarding shipping policies in our “What Are Your International Shipping Times” article, as well as our “MAIN SHIPPING INFO FAQ” on the website itself. And although the UK is typically more costly to ship to, we ship there daily.

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