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How are Products Packaged INSIDE the Discreet Boxes?

And, just when we think we’ve heard every question! Our products are packaged in their private label (our own brand) or in their retail packaging, with all extra materials such as stickers, invoices, and whatever else completes an order. Although you may be asking for an added layer of packaging inside, just in case someone else opens your package, we don’t send packages inside of packages, sorry.

We assume that all customers either open their own mail once it arrives, and that if they don’t have this ability, that they will simply find one of countless ways to ensure their privacy, such as by getting a PO Box at the United States Post Office, Kinkos, Boxes, etc., and countless other businesses that offer such services at a nominal rate.

It’s actually illegal for anyone except the addressee to open a package, so we further assume that those ordering from us are also law abiding citizens, as well as those close to them.

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