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How Do I Check International Tracking Numbers?

Actually, the numbers you get in relation to your package are not Tracking Numbers unfortunately. Numbers that begin with “LS” are simply the Customs Form numbers, to show proof of the package being sent, but since it’s the cheaper option, there is no insurance or guarantees for that type of shipping.

Any other number (except Express to Canada) is either a Registered Mail number or an Insured Mail number that provides proof of delivery, and the ability to file a claim if a package does not appear.

The United States Post Office keeps promising to add tracking to packages, but have still not implemented this feature. You can got to www.usps.com and plug your number in…sometimes the insured or registered numbers do show some sort of tracking, but it’s really not reliable or predictable.
If you want up-to-the-minute information about the status of your package, IAmShaman does not offer this, but our new Shaman’s Garden does. Shaman’s Garden has user accounts with order histories, wish lists, and more. At least there, you can have all of your information in one place, and can always see the same information we have in relation to the status of your package.

IAmShaman discards all order information after 3 months, to further ensure customer privacy, but over 100,000 Shaman’s Garden customers later, we have not had a single account compromised.

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