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How Do I Know You’re a Legitimate Business?

This is in response to a comment posted by C.S. Colvin in the “Can I Just Pick Up My Order?” question. We decided it was a great question, and decided to make an entire entry to answer his question:

Actually there are numerous ways to find out if we’re a legitimate business or not and I’m happy to outline just a few of them:

1. Look to the left menubar and scroll to the bottom. We take pride in displaying the “McAfee Secure” logo which can only be displayed (and is instantly verifiable by clicking on it) if a business is a legitimate registered business who has taken a number of steps (at quite an expense) to ensure the safety of their treasured customers.

2. Look at the sheer depth and breadth of our websites; we have Shaman’s Garden IAmShaman and our parent company; SpiritualScents. Look to the phone numbers LiveChat the extensive Answer Center e-mail addresses and on Shaman’s Garden; the vast number of customer reviews. It would be an extremely difficult to impossible task to not only create a website of this proportion with over 3000 products in our catalog. Truly, we’re here to help!

Furthermore in the days of the vast information superhighway of the internet it would be an even more difficult to hide the fact that we weren’t a legitimate business for more than a few weeks at most. Look to one “consumer reporting” website (a scam site posing as a legitimate site) to find a report or two from an alleged angry customer or two. Then, divide that by the 350,000 customers (and counting) we’ve served, and the percentage of those who are upset with us is so infitesimaly small that we can boast a higher customer satisfaction rate than ANY of our competition or of almost any other retail store period.

This is something that we take great pride in, and despite the fact that we’ve grown (thanks to every one of our treasured customers) more than we ever imagined possible we still treat every single customer as if they were our only only one. We know that vast power is in the hands of our customers; any one of them can post a gripe about our service, so we do our absolute best to ensure, no matter what it takes, that as many customers turn into completely satisfied customers.

3. Look to the programs we offer on the “Worthy Causes” page of Shaman’s Garden. We are deeply involved in our community we are constantly pushing the envelope with research we have several offices and farms scattered throughout the globe and we believe very deeply in a mission that we will fight for until the breath is taken from our bodies. Scam sites are a dime a dozen these days and a quick look around at the care we’ve taken

4. Look to our large network of affiliates. We are proud to say that we’ve got over 1000 affiliates who li nk to us and get a comfortable sum of money each month for simply li nking to our website and sharing the vast number of entheogens and ethnobotanicals that we fight to bring to our customers on a daily basis. Just one of the thousand websites is www.wildlettuce.com. They’re one of our original Affiliates and we attribute part of our success to their spreading the word about us to so many.

5. Log onto any forum about entheogens ask about IAmShaman and Shaman’s Garden and simply decide for yourself about whether or not we’re a legitimate business. Some may say no but we are completely confident (partially because we bend over backwards for every single one of our customers) that the overwhelming majority will speak about their positive experience with us and would wholeheartedly recommend us to anyone. One of our original intents (being frustrated shoppers ourselves) of our shop was to give customers the experience we wished we had when shopping for spiritual products entheogens and ethnobotanicals.

And to keep this comment as short as possible, I will end with one last critical piece of information: After 9/11, the rules for opening PO Boxes became even more difficult. We need to show proof of our business just as if we were trying to open a bank account in order to get a PO Box. With the vast number of packages going out of our shop product coming into our shop Money Orders arriving on a daily basis and the occasional (but bulky) return coming back to us. There’s no way we could ever hope to handle the volume of e-mail that the Post Office is specifically equipped to handle.

In our business complex where we’re located we get one tiny mailbox. There’s no way it could fit a 200KG box of Kava Kava from our farm at Kona Kava Farm there’s no way it could fit even a single return from a customer and so on. With a PO Box it leaves all of the sifting sorting sending and receiving to the experts freeing us to do what we do best which is taking care of our treasured customers.

Hope this helps! – Bodhi

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