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Privacy & Security

  • How Do I Know You’re a Legitimate Business? Viewed 4965 times since Dec 30, 1999

    This is in response to a comment posted by C.S. Colvin in the “Can I Just Pick Up My Order?” question. We decided it was a great question, and decided to make an entire entry to answer his question: Actually there are numerous ways to find out if we’re a legitimate business or not and … Continue reading “How Do I Know You’re a Legitimate Business?”

  • How Secure is Your Website? Viewed 9581 times since Nov 30, 1999

    We take your security as the most important responsibility we have. Our site is not only scanned 24×7 by an independent company, we do not keep ANY sensitive information anywhere near our servers. We utilize the latest 256-bit SSL security for all transactions, and have trained technicians manually process each and every transaction, constantly checking … Continue reading “How Secure is Your Website?”

  • How About Your Privacy Policies? Viewed 9787 times since Nov 30, 1999

    We know how critical your privacy is, especially when it comes to preserving your rights as responsible adults to choose the products you wish to purchase. Because of this, neither IAmShaman or ShamansGarden share your information with ANYONE, and to accomplish this mission-critical task, we have taken many steps to ensure your privacy: 1. We … Continue reading “How About Your Privacy Policies?”

  • I’m Concerned About Security! Viewed 14007 times since Nov 30, 1999

    A customer wrote us and said this: “I ordered 2 items and provided all required billing info that was apparently accepted. Later, I went to order a new item but got “transaction error” upon checkout. Now, with my credit card info out there and a message saying no orders received I am VERY nervous about … Continue reading “I’m Concerned About Security!”

  • There is Fraud on my Credit Card Viewed 5277 times since Mar 13, 2017

    We only use trusted and 100% secure credit card processors that use more features than standard merchant accounts, including data encryption for safe and secure online credit card processing. As an added security measure, we also do NOT keep any sensitive customer information on our servers. As soon as an order is shipped (which is … Continue reading “There is Fraud on my Credit Card”