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I’m Concerned About Security!

A customer wrote us and said this: “I ordered 2 items and provided all required billing info that was apparently accepted. Later, I went to order a new item but got “transaction error” upon checkout. Now, with my credit card info out there and a message saying no orders received I am VERY nervous about identity theft.”

Our answer is always the same comforting answer: with hundreds of thousands of customers over the past ten years, we haven’t lost a single credit card number or had a single compromise of our databases. This is becuase we take immense pride in protecting the security of our customers.

Errors are errors, and they happen sometimes with banks and the internet, but nowhere is any security compromised in any way becuase of the error. Perhaps an incorrect verification code was entered, it could have been denied because two online orders were placed in succession, it could be that the servers were extremely busy and unable to handle an additional request, but any of them are “not-to-worry” reasons, whatever they might be.

Actually, look to the left menubar of our websites and you will also see our “HackerSafe” logo. No one can display that logo on their website unless they are verified, 24/7 by a company that specializes in keeping commerce websites safe. If you’re concerned that those logos can be forged, simply click on it and you will be taken to McAfee’s website that verifies our registration with them.

That being said, all charges are to our parent company; SPIRITUALSCENTS and that is how your billing will appear. So, you can simply try your transaction again later and see if it goes through, or, if you choose to contact your bank, ask them why the [second] charge for SPIRITUALSCENTS was denied.

In any case, we’ve got agents waiting to answer your call every day (except Sunday), from 10:00AM – 4:00PM, as well as sanding by to answer e-mails, Answer Center requests, and Live Chat requests, all in an effort to ensure that our customers have the best online experience possible.

Please see our other “Privacy & Security” articles for more information.

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