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International Shipping Guarantees?

We were forced to start this policy because we unfortunately had a large number of international orders that were placed without using the “Registered and/or Insured” option that we offer, prompting us to honor our Shaman’s Garden 100% Satisfaction Guarantee of replacing any lost shipments without any questions. Until we started the Shaman’s Garden 100% Satisfacation Guarantee program, we only had far less than 1% of all International Packages getting lost, which actually only amounted to a loss of a few packages per year.

As soon the the above program was implemented, strangely enough, reports of “missing packages” jumped up to almost 5% within a month. We always have the greatest faith in our hundreds of thousands of customers, but this odd jump in missing packages seemed somewhat strange to us. We stoppped the 100% Satisfation Guarantee program for a short time, and strangely enough, missing package complaints went back down to less than 1% within a few months.

So, we had to modify the program slightly, and only offer our guarantee on packages that we could actually track and/or insure. And this is what the International “No Guarantees Unless Regaistered and/or Insured” policy originates from. Now, when we get a report that an international package didn’t arrive (an extremely rare event), we can verify that the package ineeed never got to its intended destination, and we can issue a replacement order or refund for our customer.

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