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It’s Saturday – Where’s My FedEx Package?

We are really sorry, but we try to be as clear as possible with our shipping policies. To ensure that our customers see them, we not only place them in multiple places on the website, we include the specific shipping question you have addressed in the Sales Agreement that you digitally signed when placing your order, partially because this question comes up a lot. They all state:

“Even though we are swamped with orders, we process orders within 1-24 hours. USPS Express/FedEx will get your package to you next day if your order is placed before 3:00PM CST, and within 2 business days if it’s placed after 3:00PM CST or placed on a Friday or Saturday. Saturday delivery is possible, but it must be specifically requested and you must pre-authorize any extra shipping charges (about $10.00 in addition to the Overnight Shipping charges) in the ‘Additional Notes’ section of your order form or it may delay the shipping of your package.”

For you, since the order was placed on Thursday after 3:00PM CST, a Friday, Saturday, or after 3:00PM CST, or you didn’t specifically request Saturday Delivery, the “2 business days” shipping applies to you…two business days from Friday is Tuesday, though Friday Express orders placed before 3:00PM get to you by Monday, and two business days from Saturday is Tuesday. If there is a Holiday involved over the weekend, it will also delay your package by an extra day; it is your responsibility to know when these holidays fall.

We have many examples of this, in our Shipping Policies as well as our Terms & Conditions, and other places on the website. Truly, we know how frustrating this can be, and this is why it is one of our most repeated statements on the website.

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