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My Login/Password Isn’t Working!

Sometimes, we get requests from customers who try to login to our site using their e-mail address and password that they KNOW has worked in the past, but isn’t working now, getting the dreaded invalid entry message. Then, they even try to request a new password, but the same message appears. Which leads to the inevitable; “What’s going on, Shaman’s Garden???”

First, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. Secondly, I want to offer my personal e-mail address just for these types of issues, which, although rare, do occur. I am shamanelf at shamansgarden dot com. At the first sign of trouble; I’m here for you to sort it out and fix it. Also, we’re often on Live Chat, so you can also give that a try as well. The only times Live Chat typically is offline, is from 2:00AM – 8:00AM, CST. Other than that, we can usually get you up and running in no time.

That being said, one of the more confusing ways of restoring access to Shaman’s Garden, is when your e-mail address and password combo doesn’t work. In short, do this:

1. Look BELOW where you usually sign in, and enter your registered e-mail address in the field. It’s the one that says; ” FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?” – Follow the instructions exactly…what is going to happen is this:

2. You’re going to get a ONE-TIME use password sent to you via e-mail. When that password arrives, enter your registered e-mail address, and COPY-AND-PASTE the password you received in the e-mail (they can often be quite odd with characters that are easy to enter incorrectly) into the password field.

3. Once that login is successful, it will ask you for your OLD password. The OLD password, at this point, is the one you JUST entered. It’s the one that you COPIED-AND-PASTED into the password field to log on. In other words, it’s not the pasword you used to use, it’s the one that was just sent to you via e-mail.

4. Then, simply enter your NEW password…it could even be the password that you THOUGHT was your password to your account. you need to enter it twice for verification, and then…you’re done.

5. The system will then ask you you to log on a 2nd time, this time with the password you JUST chose! – I know, I know, it seems like A LOT of effort for a lost password, but, think about this…it is making absolutely sure that you are who you say you are. With over 300,000 customers as of this writing, we have never had a SINGLE e-mail address or credit card number compromised…and this is one of those reasons. We want to know, beyond a shadow fo a doubt, that you are who you say you are.

Whew…it actually is FAR MORE difficult to explain in steps, than it is to actually do it, so don’t fret, and don’t get discouraged. Actually, if you DO get discouraged, simply use our old cart at IAmShaman Shop, where no logins are required. That’s the true reason why we have BOTH sites up and running at the same time…some like Wish Lists and Order Histories, and some do not.

Again, if you’re still having trouble, I’m here to help, 24/7. Contact me; Bodhi, at shamanelf at shamansgarden dot com, and I will respond in a VERY timely manner.

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