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Where’s My REGISTERED Package?

We know it can be easy to get anxious when awaiting a package from an online company, but your package was shipped Registered Mail. Most international destinations do not have tracking for United States Postal Service mail, but Registered Mail allows us to file a claim if your package is lost, so entering that information into the USPS website will most-likely not bring up any results, sorry. You can enter your Registered Number into this link anyway, though; sometimes it DOES work:


Then, once a package is out of our hands, only your government, your Postal system, and your Customs has control over when the package will actually be delivered to you. Customs can hold packages for as long as they wish…sometimes they get right through, other times, it can take 10-14 days, even if you choose Express…we have no control over that, sorry.

On average, International packages take about 3-10 days to get to the customer, but each package is different. Canadian orders often, especially because we ship them Global Priority or Global Express, often get to you in 3-5 days. Unfortunately, it can, on rare occasions, take up to 30 days to get to you once it leaves our hands, but since you have chosen a Registered or Insured option for shipping, you are covered by our 100% Delivery Guarantee!

So, whether it is lost in the mail, held up at customs, or delivered to the wrong house, we will send again if you do not receive your package. The only catch is that we have to wait the full 30 days before we can re-ship your order to you. 99% of the time, an order that we thought was lost, was simply delayed in Customs.

If your package hasn’t arrived within 30 days, please let us know. Once we verify that your package hasn’t arrived, we will send off a new package to you.

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