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Why Can’t I Track My Priority Package?

We take great pride in shipping all orders placed before 3:00PM CST the same day we receive them. If you have received your Delivery Confirmation Number and then go to www.usps.com to track your package, you may be disappointed. It will most-likely state something to the effect of; “Electronic notification has been received” and nothing else. In short; Delivery Confirmation is NOT tracking. That note is created when we actually Ship your package, but the actual status may not change until your package is actually delivered…hence the name; Delivery Confirmation.

The entry created by USPS is misleading; it’s generated only when the package is actually labeled and shipped, otherwise if you tried to enter the Delivery Confirmation Number, it would simply say that there is no record of that number.

Which brings up an important point: Your package was sent via USPS, which offers Delivery Confirmation, NOT Tracking Information. That note from USPS will usually only change if the package is routed through another post office, or when it is delivered.

So please be patient; we are quite certain your package will arrive any day, although the 2-3 days average is just that; it’s only an average, and weekends don’t count as days. So, if you ordered on a Friday, after 3:00PM, CST, you may not see your package until 3 business days later, on Wednesday or Thursday.

Either way, you are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, after 2 weeks, your package doesn’t appear, notify us, and we will send you a replacement, no questions asked. We’re not the Post OFfice, and aren’t responsible for them losing mail, but you, our customer, is far more important.

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