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Why Did You Ship “Air Mail” to Canada?

Since Canada is so close, we like to save our northern friends some money of shipping. To do this, we only charge the USA rate, rather than the usual International Shipping rate that varies from $5.95 to $14.95. We choose, at our discretion, the most practical method of shipping that will get you your package the fastest.

So, as we state in our Shipping Policies (available from every page and in the Sales Agreement that you digitally signed), choosing “Priority Mail” to Canada does not guarantee 2-3 delivery as it does in the United States, and choosing Express Mail doesn’t guarantee overnight delivery for Canada; it only guarantees that it will get into the country within 1-2 business days. Only your government, your postal system, and your customs people have control over when the package will actually be delivered to you. Customs can hold packages for as long as they wish…sometimes they get right through, other times, it can take 10-14 days, even if you choose Express…we have no control over that, sorry.

So, we are sorry that you are unhappy with the shipping method we chose, and we are happy to have you as a loyal customer, but we do state our shipping policies as clearly as we can in advance to avoid any problems or confusion with our International Shipping policies and fees. Yes, sometimes you will get packages within a few days, but sometimes it will take longer, and often Air Mail gets to you faster than Global Priority because it often goes though as a letter and is not even looked at closely by Customs.

But please remember that the shipping fee for any package is not simply a strict shipping fee; it includes any materials, labels, packaging, and handling charges as well. With thousands of customers a month, the flat rate system has been determined to be the most efficient and the most fair system we have implemented.

Please review our Shipping Policies found elsewhere on the website.

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