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Why Did Your Website Time Out?

We literally have hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, and for that very reason, our website is on its own dedicated server, with plenty or RAM to handle hundreds of thousands of requests a day. But, we are still hosted at an Internet Hosting Company, and they have a limited amount of bandwidth to offer their customers, so sometimes, no matter how good our hardware is, there can be slowdowns elsewhere in the network, preventing some pages from loading at peak time, or preventing your check out from completing.

So, if you cannot get to specific pages, or if your transaction times out and doesn’t complete, simply try your transaction again in a few minutes or an hour. Almost all issues are from too many simultaneous users trying to make purchases at the same time, or from bottlenecks in the network resources available at a given moment.

Also, make sure that your browser has JavaScript and Cookies enabled. Although we don’t use cookies to track your progress, we do use cookies to keep track of what’s presently in your shopping cart, and cookies need to be enabled for your cart to operate properly.

The only browsers we’ve had trouble with are Safari, and our website is built and testing, like it or not, using Internet Explorer, because 94% of our customers use Internet Explorer when surfing our site. We do our best to be as compatible with as many browsers as possible.

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